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    Stan Lee Dies at the age of 95

    Today see’s the passing of one of the greatest writers of our time. Stan Lee Stan’s first work started with the Fantastic four and later went on to create Spider-man X-men, The hulk and Thor. He will be missed but his legacy will live on forever. As well as his cameos. Excelsior!

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    Tokonatsu 2018… The live steams that where.

    Just in case you missed it… or you could not make it… *what was you thinking!*… Here are some of the live streams that we broadcasted  at Toko 2018. This was a first for Toko R, Tokonatsu as it happened… Live 🙂 So sit back and relive Tokonatsu 2018. PS… For more videos of Toko 2018 visit our Facebook site.   This little Shrine of mine 1 This little Shrine of mine 2 Tokonatso 2018 Opening ceremony Tokonatsu 2018 Cosplay Masquerade The first Zonbidoggu! “Saturday”  Tokonatsu 2018 Closing ceremony The Second Zonbidoggu! “Sunday” 

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    Rebby, My Toko 2018 Review.

    Tokonatsu 2018 for me was a big eye opener. It was the first time I’d been fully involved with the Toko-R pre-Festival process. I learned how dedicated they are and how much time, effort and planning goes into conceptualising, creating and running the awesome events they put on! In the weeks and months running up to the event, there were regular meetings and ongoing discussions to agree on the best way to achieve what they had planned. Alongside that is all of this… the content you’re reading now. It’s important for us to share the anticipation we feel ahead of the event and the genuine excitement that builds in each…

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    My Tokonatsu 2018 Highlights

    July 31st Wednesday The annual tradition of my Tokonatsu adventure always begins with packing the essentials. Over the years I have learned to travel light. Keeping your checklist short, lessens the chance to forget something important. Next, I get myself over to my fellow con-goers house and spend the night to ensure we are all together for take-off in the morning. August 1st Thursday Might sound odd, but the three-hour car journey going to Tokonastu is one of my favourite parts of this annual tradition. I am tucked up in the backseat alongside the mass of luggage and cosplay with a tub of haribo and or my brother’s homemade beef…

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    Toko-R’s Best bits of 2018 – Rezal

    Well, it’s been quite a bit longer than I expected between posts, but life happens sometimes! This week, continuing our series on Tokonatsu Highlights, I’ll be going over my best bits, and what I loved! Werewolf Ultimate For me personally, the highlight of the weekend was getting to play Werewolf Ultimate, run by our Chairman Myst! For those unfamiliar, as I was, it’s similar to Resistance, in so far that you have two teams one of good guys, and one of bad. None of the good know who the bad are, but all of the bad know each other. Each day, a vote is passed to declare one villager as…

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    Toko-R’s Best bits of 2018 – M pro

    As promised, I’ve been hitting up some of our staff to find out what their favourite parts of this year’s Tokonatsu have been. We all put in a lot of hard work, but we also all had so much fun! Starting things off are Mike’s (M pro) highlights! “Where to start? Well for me Toko 2018 was amazing! As well as Busy! And Hectic! And one more amazing! It was a time of unknowns in many ways. This year it was new tent time for TokoR and unfortunately, due to time restraints, we didn’t get to test the new tent before Toko. Thankfully we didn’t have too many problems, and…

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    Tokonatsu 2018 – The Aftermath

    As the air cools, and the wasps become distant memories, we take this time to reflect on Tokonatsu 2018, how it went for us, and how it went for you. I would lie if I said the weekend hasn’t left us at Toko-R all a little broken, and thankful for the days after to recover, but that’s because we put our all into this weekend, as did all the Tokonatsu Staff, Gophers and Committee that put their heart and souls into this event every year. And If I do say so myself, the work paid off. I personally feel that this has been the best Tokonatsu to date, and that’s…

  • Camping Survival Tips (some might be real...),  Tokonatsu 2020 News

    How to deal with the Heat while Camping

    Well, it’s less than a week until we see you all, and if you haven’t bought your ticket yet, there’s still time! Head on over to <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>the ticket page now!</a> This year has been one of the hottest years on record, and with that heat comes a good amount of danger. At the time I’m writing this, the Met office has issued warnings, suggesting that if it can be helped, you stay out of the sun entirely until the heat wave is over, and to definitely avoid the hours of 11am-1pm. Given the nature of Toko, it’s unlikely anyone is going to be following this advice, so…

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    Toko ’18 T-Minus 1 Week – Essentials that you should bring to Tokonatsu

    We are in are last week till Tokonatsu, ONE WEEK!!! If you haven’t already purchased your ticket, there is still time! Head on over to the ticket page now! We brought you this list last year, and it’s just as important this year! It happens to the best of us, we think we have packed everything, and then you wake up in the morning, go to brush your teeth, and oop! No toothbrush! So we’re here today to provide a list of what we think are the essentials that every Con Goer should pack, to ensure they have the bare minimum to get by comfortably for the weekend, and a…

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    2018 Toko R Cinema!

    Once again this year Toko R will be running the tokonatsu 2018 Cinema with help from our good friend’s at MVM. So would you like to see what will be shown at this year’s Toko? Well this year we have gone back to our roots a little with a bit of older Anime mixed in with some new anime. So without further ado. Saturday 7:00pm 1 hour of trailers for the Anime being shown over Toko, as well as Japanese commercials and the ever popular Japanese music videos countdown. 8:00pm Disgaea, Episodes 1 and 2. 8:50pm 10 minute music countdown break. 9:00pm Tenchi Muyo! Episodes 1 and 2. We reviewed…