The Get Ready Retreat

Whether it’s to get ready for that cosplay you’ve been working on all year, or just to get ready for the day, Lauri0s and Yenots have created the Get Ready Retreat for your convenience.


Why? The one year I decided to do a cosplay, it was so hot, the foundation was quite literally melting off my face as I was putting it on inside my tent. I figured there must be a better way to do cosplay in a camping environment without having to stand in the queue for the bathrooms or suffer getting grass in your products!

How does it work? We have provided a two sided shelter with tables and kneel cushions for you to use like you would a dressing table at home. Complete with mirrors and essentials, it’s the perfect place to sit and socialise with friends while putting your war paint on. There is no need to book, just turn up, ¬†bring your make-up and take a seat.

The Get Ready Retreat includes: 

  • Undercover gazebo
  • 4 x Get Ready work stations with cushions and seating
  • Magnified mirrors, cotton wool pads, wet wipes, sponges and other helpful items
  • Full length mirror


Is there help available? If you do need a hand with anything, just grab Lauri0s or one of the TokoRetreat team and we’ll be happy to assist you with that masquerade-winning cosplay! We have some cosplay legends based at TokoRetreat so if you want to book ahead to ensure someone is around to help you at a particular time, just email

Where is the Get Ready Retreat? The Tokonatsu Get Ready Retreat is stationed with the TokoRetreat this year, and we’ve now got a really relaxing space to work and enjoy the cosmetic and creative side of cosplay. Check the map in your con guide when you arrive for the exact location.

Who can use the Get ready Retreat? All are welcome, male, female, cosplayers and anyone who just prefers ‘glamping’ to camping. Please feel free to use the space whenever you like, it is open to everyone.

Housekeeping: As the space is open to everyone, we ask that you take care of it. Please leave your work station as you wish to find it. Put all rubbish in the bin provided and return all borrowed equipment to the box. For health and safety reasons, all we ask is that you bring your own cosmetic products and we do not recommend sharing products, brushes or applicators. We do provide a selection of essentials but please put them in the bin after use. Please note that you use the Get Ready Retreat at your own risk. (Zerocool says we have to say that)

Competition: Like last year, Lauri0s will be keeping an eye out for the best use of cosmetic over the weekend. A prize will be given out at the closing ceremony on Sunday.