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    Tokonatsu 2019 – Thank you!

    Well, another year has come and gone, and as I stated in my last article, I think I speak for most when I say this was probably one of the best Tokonatsus ever! It certainly was from my perspective, which can sometimes be a bit too focuses on the events that we are running and ensuring that they go off smoothly. Since becoming a member of staff some years back, helping to bring you all these events has honestly been such a fulfilling experience. The entirety of the staff and the gophers really pulled out all the stops this year, putting in many hours to come up with new ways…

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    Tokonatsu 2019 Gallery

    To all of my Tokonatsu brethren. The time has come for me to bestow the goodness of the Tokonatsu 2019 galleries to you all. There were many pictures taken… and there are some amazing ones in there this year so go check them out! And as a update for this year moving forward for every other year from now on we will be increasing the image quality of photos that you can download.   So, with no further delay… Here is the 2019 gallery. M pro

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    That leaflet in your conbags…

    So, it’s been a week since most of us left, what I think we’d all agree, was probably the best Tokonatsu to date! I’d like to spend some time thanking those involved in making it so from our perspective, and to go into detail what made it so awesome for me, but I’ll save that for a later article. Today, I’d like to talk to you all a bit about an issue that, for me, is a lot closer to home. With in all of your con-bags, you would have received a leaflet that looks like the below, and on a casual glance, it looks like a bit of fun…

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    Science Panel at Tokonatsu!

    Science Panel News Welcome shiny, happy Toko goers! This year’s Science Panel is based on the anime “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime”. Join me to reincarnate your own slime in a colour of your choice – it’s gooey, it’s squishy and tons of fun! See you all on Sunday at 2pm! Much love (and slime) ~ Hoshino Draco  

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    TokoRetreat Anime Cinema 2019

    So, its been all quiet on the TokoRetreat side lately…or has it? As usual at this time of year we have been busy in the background planning all our events for this years Tokonatsu 2019. And as I have finished ripping and cutting the videos for this year.. we are finally able to bring you some well needed news on what we are showing. But first… In the many years we have been running the anime cinema at Toko the great guys over at MVM have done us proud and supplied the anime every year for the cinema! This year is no different. So please head over to https://www.mvm-films.com/ and show your…

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    Initial D anime review

    Well hello again everyone, Its been a while and so without further ado… I present you with an introduction to one of the most well known and longest running manga and anime franchises Japan has to offer, Initial D by Shuichi Shigeno. The story of Initial D centres around Takumi Fujiwara, who not being particularly fond of driving due to being forced into being a night delivery driver for his fathers tofu shop, inadvertently develops a skill for drifting his car around corners at high speed. One morning whilst returning home from a delivery down the treacherous Akina mountain pass, Takumi comes up behind Keisuke Takahashi, an amateur racing driver…

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    Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn Review

    Well, here we are again with another Manga review! Today we will be reviewing Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn Creator: Akira Amano Born: 22 June 1973 Volumes: 42 from 2004 to 2012 Currently reading chapter 30.   Story. Tsunayoshi Sawada is just a normal school student living his everyday life…all be it that he has no talent, is clumsy and really is just no good at anything he has been given the nicknamed Loser Tsuna by his classmates. He is also has a crush on his classmate, Kyouko Sasagawa (though she doesn’t really show up much in the manga so far and plays a little part). However, Tsuna’s boring life is about to change…

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    Battle Angel Alita Manga Review

    And we are back from your Christmas break 🙂 And with that said! Its now time for a new review. With the release of the new film, Battle Angle Alita, we though that we should head back to the beginning of it all and have a review around the manga. Picture the future… Sadly for some its very bleak. The rich live in the sky “Tiphares” and the poor live on the ground “Scrapyard”. All the rubbish that the rich have is dumped on the ground onto the scrapyard and onto the people and cyborgs that live there. One day A Ido, “A scientist in cyborg physician”, is out looking for parts…

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    Merry Christmas and happy new year!

    All of us at Toko Retreat would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy new year! In addition, how better to do this then with a little video! So we got together and shot a short video for you all.  So once again, from all of us a Toko R have a great Christmas and New year! See you next in 2019!

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    Seven Deadly Sins (Anime)

    Hello all! Sorry I’ve been personally quiet on the review front, it’s personally been a very busy month! That said, I did manage to get in the much anticipated Season 2 (3?) of Seven Deadly Sins on Netflix. This is an anime that I started watching some time ago now, watching season 1 shortly after it became available on Netflix. Like with most Anime, the gap between seasons was long, and the way Netflix labels the seasons is…odd. Season 2 on Netflix is more of a trailer for Season 3, which is the real Season 2…not quite as confusing as Final Fantasy titles, but it’s getting there! So, Seven Deadly…