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    Toko R 2021 Anime Cinema.

    So the time has come once again to announce what Toko R have for you at the Tokonatsu 2021 Anime Cinema!     Saturday. 7:00 What’s on trailers followed by music countdown. 8:00 Princess Principal “episodes 1 and 2” 8:50 Japanese ad break. 9:00 UQ Holder “episodes 1 and 2”   Sunday. 7:00 What’s on trailers followed by music countdown. 8:00 Fruits Basket “episodes 1 and 2” 8:50 Japanese ad break. 9:00 Lord El Melloi “episodes 1 and 2”   Synopsis Princess Principal is set in a fictional analogue of Britain called Albion. During the early 20th century, the Kingdom of Albion monopolized a mysterious substance called “Cavorite” to construct a fleet of heavily…

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    Tokonatsu 2021!

    Hi everyone! *Everyone “Hey Toko R you still alive? thought that you where dead!… aren’t you dead? O_o” *Toko R “Well… we are not dead… but I think its been a hard time on everyone… finding the motivation to do things for Toko R has been hard with nothing really happening.” *Everyone “So why are you here now? is Tokonatsu even happening?” *Toko R “Well the slumbering lion that is Tokonatsu is awakening for something that has not happened since 2019…” *Everyone “And?” *Toko R “Tokonatsu 2021 is in 16 days!” *Everyone “O_O” *Toko R “I know!… Guys we better get started!” https://www.tokonatsu.org.uk/tags/2021/

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    Toko Retreat 2020 Virtual Cinema!

    These is where we try and introduce you to some new Anime that you may have missed or something you may have watched but forgotten about. This time around we are doing things a little differently. At relevant times we will announce what anime you should be watching. You can also use this channel to talk about what you’re watching with others that are also watching the same anime at the same time. Today for your viewing pleasure we will be watching the following. https://www.tokonatsu.org.uk/2020/tokor-anime-cinema/ Anime Watch party chat channel: https://discord.com/invite/5HvTd8P Black Clover: “Episode 1 at 12:30, Episode 2 at 13:15” Tower of god: “Episode 1 at 14:00, Episode 2 at…

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    The big day is finally here! Tokonastu 2020 online edition! Being involved with this new virtual event has shown me that when given a drastic change in circumstances and a small time window to delver an online event that there is nothing that everyone involved in Tokonastu can’t do. Everyone has been working together to deliver a version of Tokonatso for you to enjoy and lets not forget you can also join in with the activity’s. Coming up today!  https://www.tokonatsu.org.uk/2020/   10:00am – 10:30am Opening Ceremony   Where https://twitch.tv/tokonatsufestival    10:30am – 11:30am Toko-Pictionary   Where https://twitch.tv/tokonatsufestival   It a bird? Is it a plane? No really, we can’t tell. Toko-Pictionary is back!  Hosted…

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    The Tokonatsu 2020 schedule is now Live!

    “Quote Tokonatsu 2020”   The Tokonatsu 2020 schedule is now Live! Click here to add the calendar to your Google account: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/embed?src=c_5usvgk3o8c2v17qcqgh5m4t9d0%40group.calendar.google.com&ctz=Europe%2FLondon   Keep checking around the Facebook page for more info on each event, or if you can’t wait read the descriptions on the calendar!

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    Ever felt a burning desire deep down inside to have your questions answered?

    “Tokonatsu” Ever felt a burning desire deep down inside to have your questions answered? A thirst for knowledge that cannot be quenched? An itch to know things that, no matter how hard you scratch, will not go away? Well, that’s probably a job for your doctor. Make an appointment. If that doesn’t work, you can always come to the Ask Toko Anything panel at #VirtualToko! It’s your chance to ask us everything you’ve ever wanted to know… within reason. And the good news is we’re not too busy running around a field to answer them! Head over to https://www.tokonatsu.org.uk/2020/ata to get your questions in. We will be taking a small…

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    Tokonatsu 2020 online edition!

    Well as you know the world we live in has changed… And due to this as we sadly know by now Tokonatsu 2020 is not longer happening as it normally would. However! Don’t think us at Toko-R and Tokonatsu don’t have you covered! We have all been working hard in the backgrounds in preparation for the online edition of Tokonatsu! So without any-further delay… here is the latest from Tokonatsu! online edition 🙂 “Tokonatsu” If you’re anything like us, one of the highlights of your Tokonatsu experience is the Masquerade. Sun, SPF, and sewing skills all in one place. What could be better? Well, we can’t quite recreate that experience this year,…

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    Tokonatsu 2019 – Thank you!

    Well, another year has come and gone, and as I stated in my last article, I think I speak for most when I say this was probably one of the best Tokonatsus ever! It certainly was from my perspective, which can sometimes be a bit too focuses on the events that we are running and ensuring that they go off smoothly. Since becoming a member of staff some years back, helping to bring you all these events has honestly been such a fulfilling experience. The entirety of the staff and the gophers really pulled out all the stops this year, putting in many hours to come up with new ways…

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    Tokonatsu 2019 Gallery

    To all of my Tokonatsu brethren. The time has come for me to bestow the goodness of the Tokonatsu 2019 galleries to you all. There were many pictures taken… and there are some amazing ones in there this year so go check them out! And as a update for this year moving forward for every other year from now on we will be increasing the image quality of photos that you can download.   So, with no further delay… Here is the 2019 gallery. M pro

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    That leaflet in your conbags…

    So, it’s been a week since most of us left, what I think we’d all agree, was probably the best Tokonatsu to date! I’d like to spend some time thanking those involved in making it so from our perspective, and to go into detail what made it so awesome for me, but I’ll save that for a later article. Today, I’d like to talk to you all a bit about an issue that, for me, is a lot closer to home. With in all of your con-bags, you would have received a leaflet that looks like the below, and on a casual glance, it looks like a bit of fun…