This week we have .Hack//Sign an anime that is set in a game called The World

Set in the future players use VR headsets to play MMORPG’s

At the time of watching this I was into WOW and guild wars

There have been multiple series and PC games spanning off from this series

So this is one to…..put on your list…



.hack//Sign follows the story about Tsukasa being mind-trapped into the game. Despite being a “fantasy quest type adventure”, it does not rely on action sequences. Instead, the show is driven by mystery, slowly revealing its secrets to the viewer while paying much attention to the individual characters. Questions like what happened to Tsukasa in the real world, who he really is and why he is unable to log out are driving points of the story.

Soon after the beginning of the series Tsukasa is led to a hidden area. There he meets Morganna, depicted as a voice without physical appearance, and Aura, who appears as a young girl clad entirely in white, floating asleep above a bed. The storyline introduces Morganna as an ally, but her real intentions are unknown at this point.

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