Tokonatsu 2023 News

New Event Toko ’14 – MOVE THAT FLAG!

I know what you’re all thinking, last Toko, there wasn’t enough water…there wasn’t enough soaked to the bone feelings going on. That ever growing urge to decimate your opponent with overwhelming firepower just wasn’t sated with enough variety…

We know, and we feel you…we really do. So with great pleasure I’m able to tell you know, that the Events team at Toko have heard your bloodlust filled cries, and have answered with a new event. MOVE THAT FLAG!

The details we have so far, it’s going to involve waterguns…good, kicking things of in the right direction. It will also have…FLAGS! Everyone loves a good flag, but you might be thinking…we have a game like that surely?

Nay my friend, not like this. This involves one team with ALL the flags! That’s right, and they have to use those flags to capture and hold points at strategic locations.

But what of the other team? Why do they not have any flags? Well, they have all the more firepower…for their team will start with far more combatants for the assault on the Flag hoarding scum that dare to try to capture bases from them!

As the game goes on…it should go from unbalanced…to somewhat balanced…to down right unfair…

And all this from the head of Snowking…yes, things are going to get soggy.

So prepare yourself my friends, for this may be the craziest, wettest Tokonatsu to grace us yet.


See you all there!

~ Rezal