Sword Art Online


So, it has been some time since I’ve kicked out a review. It’s been a busy year, what with settling into a new job, getting my wife into the country and moving into my first house. Things are starting to settle down though, and I’ve been able to get some anime watching done.

Today’s review is going to be on Sword Art Online, a recently released Anime that has received some popular feedback, and spans over two story arcs. SAO primarily takes place in a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG), using Virtual Reality headsets to completely immerse its players in the universe created.

In this Anime, Sword Art Online is a brand new game, focusing around a Beta tester who is returning to the game on its release. Unlike other MMO’s though, there is no magic use, and it completely focuses on Melee combat. This attracts a large crowd of opening day players whom get a surprise visit from the Game Designer, whom delivers some disturbing news….

That’s all I’ll say on the plot, so that you may discover the mysteries of this Anime for yourself. IT did keep me hooked throughout though, and I found myself putting on episode after episode, clock watching while I was at work, and looking forwarded to getting back and watching more. Sadly this meant that it was all over very quickly, as it’s not a long running Anime, and at this stage, I don’t know if they plan to make more, though it does wrap up neatly enough that I don’t think there is a real need for it.

As well as having a great plot, the animation style is gorgeous and the music is well fitted too, setting each scene as it needs to be, and building tension at the right moments. I must say, I find myself struggling to describe this one without giving too much away, but I will say, it is an Anime that crosses themes of being a fight anime as well as being a romance, having elements that I think many would enjoy, and with so many series out there these days focusing around school life, it’s nice to find some that skip this aspect all together.

All in all I would give this one a strong 7 out of 10, with strong plot, music and animation, but perhaps a weaker second arch in my opinion (but not by much).

As always, I shall leave you with the opening sequence, enjoy!

~ Rezal