Black God “Kurokami” Review

Have recently started watching anime called Black god”Kurokami”

The story of revolves around Kido.

Kido a regular guy who has an unlucky enough to run into a Tera Guardian called Kuro

Something happens and Kuro has to save Keita life, to do this in the anime they have to swap hearts.. But if you read the manga it’s completely different!

The thing is I have also been reading the manga for black god and the differences between the two are immense!

It’s like actually watching and Reading two separate things… sure there are some similarities in the story but the introduction of the characters and even sometimes the scenes are completely different from the original manga and sadly this takes away from the story.

In this anime you have beings called Tara Guardians “God-like beings charged with maintaining the balance of existence. However, they can become corrupt which result in conflicts between them”

The story revolves around Doppeliners

Now a doppelganger is when you have an exact duplicate of you walking around, the Legend is if you meet your doppelganger you will die shortly afterwards.

This anime introduces the idea of Doppeliners. One of three people with identical bodies and minds who share the same fate.

In the manga Kuro explains that every normal human being begins as a Doppeliner. If two of them meet, they die. The luck and fate of the two go to the remaining person, who is then called the root, giving them unimaginable good luck.

In the anime, this system was revealed to be a curse placed on humans.

In the grand scheme of things. Doppeliners are never destined to meet but someone’s changing the balance of the world and Doppeliners are meeting and roots are being killed!

Now this is going to be one of my first reviews where I’m actually going to say read the manga first as the anime is so drastically different that’s it is really missing out a lot of the story.

In fact just read the manga.. no really.. But if you really want to watch the anime I recommend that you do not read the manga, because if your unaware that your missing anything , then you won’t miss it.. it and you’ll enjoy it..

Anyway here is the opening