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    Starting this month Every! month we will bring you the latest Cosply News When I can remember to do so! :o….   Cosplay Superstars Team Up, Eyeballs Are In Danger Published: Wednesday May 20th 8PM Link: Description: Darshelle Stevens is one of the best cosplay photographers around. Lyz Brickley is one of the best cosplayers around. Good things happen when the two work together.Read more… read more » Awesome Dragon Age Cosplay Is The Real Deal Published: Tuesday May 12th 9PM Link:…e-cosplay-is-the-real-deal-1704079970 Description: I ve seen some good Dragon Age cosplay in my time, but holy cow, this Cassandra Pentaghast is good.Read more… read more » Found It,…

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    New Kind of Disney Cosplay Slightly Less Embarrassing Than Original This week, the Orlando Sentinel reported on “Disneybounding,” a growing dress-up trend that some will think is a super fun hoot, while others will perceive it as a disturbing sign of the coming apocalypse. To be a Disneybounder, you dress up in regular … Read more on TIME Attending The General Entry Cosplay Contest At ACBC – Plus 95 Cosplay Photos The “main event” cosplay contest at Atlantic City Boardwalk Con aka The Mr. and Ms. Cosplay USA competition had quite rigorous entry demands of the contests. To be in the Mr. and Ms. Cosplay USA competition held last Saturday night,…