Attack on Titan

It all started at Toko 2013

Everyone was talking about it, Cosplaying it and well raving about Attack on Titan!
The series is based around Eren Yeager a young man “starts with him as a child” that lives in a world where giant beings called Titans is the norm.

Titans seem to thrive on eating humans and can sense you wherever you hide.. the inhabitants of this world have build there civilisation reliant on giant walls to keep the Titans out… sadly these walls are under threat and a Titan gets in and destroys Eren’s home and he loses a loved one in the attack.

But something is not normal about Eren and everyone’s about to find out what he really is.. and what his dad was working on before he disappeared.

Over one hundred years prior to the beginning of the story, giant humanoid creatures called Titans (巨人 Kyojin?) suddenly appeared and nearly wiped out humanity, devouring them without remorse or reason. What remains of humanity now resides within a country surrounded by three enormous concentric walls: the outermost is Wall Maria (ウォール・マリア Wōru Maria?); the middle wall is Wall Rose (ウォール・ローゼ Wōru Rōze?, pronounced like rosé) and the innermost is Wall Sina (ウォール・シーナ Wōru Shīna?). Inside these walls, humanity has lived in peace for one hundred years; many people growing up without ever having seen a Titan. This all changes when one day, within Eren Yeager’s hometown, the Shiganshina district which juts out of Wall Maria, a giant 60-meter (200 ft) tall Titan mysteriously appears and breaches the outer wall, allowing smaller but still deadly Titans to infiltrate the district. Many are killed and the wall separating Shiganshina from the lands within Wall Maria is breached when a second Titan smashes clean through. Mankind is forced to abandon the land between Wall Maria and Wall Rosé, evacuating the remaining population into the inner districts. The sudden influx of population causes turmoil and famine.

The Titans are giant humanoids, usually masculine in form and naked, but lacking genitalia. They vary between 3 and 15 meters in height, with the exception of the so-named Colossus Titan. Titans appear to instinctively attack and devour humans on sight. Despite this behavior, they apparently do not require food for sustenance, as they do not prey on animals and have survived for one hundred years in a human-free environment prior to the inner wall breach. Most of their energy has been found to come from sunlight, though they remain active, however sluggish, in the absence of light. Their skin is tough and difficult to penetrate and they have the ability to regenerate from injuries, even the loss of their head, after a short time. The Titan’s only apparent weakness is a spot on the nape of the neck which, when cut deep enough, effectively kills the Titan. This revelation led to the development of the Vertical Maneuvering Equipment (立体機動装置 Rittai Kidō Sōchi?) which allows trained humans to navigate quickly in a three-dimensional space. Although it permits great mobility to a skilled user, it carries a large risk of overtaxing the muscles, requiring extensive physical conditioning and agility.