Tokonatsu 2023 News

How to survive a water gun fight! 8 Tips!

Today we have a quick tip on how to stay dry in a Tokonatsu water fight.

These tips will help you where you thought you didn’t need help!


1. Make sure your gun works

Picture the scene… it’s a hot day.. you have your water gun all ready to go.. You see your target! sneak up on them… and fire!… only to find out that that water gun you had all your faith in winning with does not fire.. Or even worse.. Dribbles a stream that reaches out 10cm… Before you know it your being chased by someone half your size and your soaked…

Test your water gun before the fight by firing it at some of your good friends.. They’ll be grateful for the cooling water and you get to see if your guns OK!

Top Tip! Carry a smaller water gun on you for backup!


2. Friends quickly turn into enemies

You and your best friend arrive at Toko and think.. I know! we can win this! if we have each others backs theres no way we can lose!…. Wrong!

That “so called” friend that you have known since you were 2, is about to turn!
You see the power of a water gun can make even the closest of friends turn around and shoot you even before the fight starts!

To avoid disappointment wait till your so called friend is asleep.. Get your water gun and let loose on that traitor!
That will teach them to mess with your friendship!

Top Tip! Don’t forget to let them know you knew what they were up too!


3. Bigger is not always better!

There you are looking cool with your super massive water gun! Ready for action! Ready to vanquish your enemies with this god like gun!

Only to find that it’s a fire and forget gun and after its first shot its empty and your left open to be soaked by everyone that saw you fire and miss your target! The shame!

Don’t think that the big gun is a dud.. By no way are they useless in battle..
To be struck by the power of one of these god guns is enough to blind you.. Wet you instantly to the bone and send you back in time to 1955 where you’ll have to help Marty Mcfly! I’m not kidding.. To be hit by one of these is a life changing experience.

Top tip! Carry backup or extra water tanks


4. Take no prisoners!

Even the cutest little thing can be a threat!

And it will be your undoing to take pity on them even if they ask for help!….

Remember….. IT’S A TRAP!


Before you know it that innocent little thing has pulled a gun on you.. Fired.. and left you pulling your clothes away from you as you’re wet and feeling stupid for falling for that.

To stay dry always work alone and blast anyone that gets in the way!

Top Tip! Whenever you see someone that’s cute blast them with your water gun… even if you’re not in a match!

You can never be to careful.


5. Don’t play…


Honestly think about it.. It’s a water fight.. No matter how well you play.. No matter what ninja reflexes you have or how long you have trained.. Nothing can stop you accidentally wetting yourself when your filling your gun up.. Nothing…

So stay in your tent and away from all water.. In fact wouldn’t taking a shower go against your warrior pride? So best not do that too… 😮

Once you get a nice hum going on everyone will compliment you…

Top Tip! Let’s be real here.. Even being in your tent is a risk so time to pack up and go home or not even turn up! Anything to win the game!


6: Water balloons

As well as being your friend in battle can also be your enemy!

To take water balloons into a water fight you have to be skilled and extremely careful as one wrong move and you’re the one standing there.. Wet.. After your own balloon has popped in your hand!

Top Tip! Fill the balloons with jelly! Red for effect!

This way if you do pop them in your hand you’ll have a tasty treat! And you’re not getting wet… and on impact with your enemy’s it will look gruesome!


7. Blend in

If you’re not seen you can’t get wet right!?

Before the fight, head into the woods and start to get as much mud and leaves and get yourself covered!
They’ll never see you coming!

Top Tip! To be ahead of the game arrive there a week earlier and start to dig out a pit to hid in.. Intricate underground pathways connecting up other pits together will keep your enemies guessing as you pop up from all over the place!

Top Tip 2! Cover your gun too…


8. Look intimidating!

Just like you would scare off a bear! GRRRRRr I’m bigger then you!

6 months in advance hit the Gym every night to get into shape, then slap on that bandana and head on out there.

Top Tip! If you can’t be bothered to work out in the Gym for a water fight then can I recommend a Rambo costume..

It will make you feel just as intimidating!

Top Tip 2! Don’t forget Tip 1 when your looking intimidating.


So there you have it!

Some top tips that you didn’t even know will help you be a winner and make friends 😉