Tokonatsu 2023 News

Miradus in the Hot Seat!

Next in the Hot Seat is Miradus!


1. What is your fondest memory from Tokonatsu?

Hmm, Definitely has to be the best and worse memory – Is knowing one year at Toko that I was 10 points of No.1, so I then precede to clean toilets and run around being EVERYONE’S B****h for the last 4 hours of Toko and STILL loosing out to Frostbite a.k.a Kikojui

2. How did you come to be involved with Tokonatsu?

Roughly 10 years ago a VERY old friend of mine (like 26/27 years known old) invited me to come with him, so I did and had no clue what to expect but IT WAS AWESOME!!!! Then the rest is history, the first taste was free and now I needed my Toko hit every year.

3. What is the biggest challenge involved with running Tokonatsu?

There’s a challenge? Haha nah, its gotta be trying to mix up the events and keep them fresh so people don’t get bored. Oh and the constant worry of wet weather games

4. What is your favourite Anime? and Why?

Tenjou Tenge, 4 words – Intro song, BOOBS, and fighting. Need I say more?


5. What do you most enjoy about Toko?

The power! nah kidding, its the people, ALWAYS. Have so much time and so much love for everyone at Toko. There’s a phrase the veterans have – Its “annual friends” and this sums it up, we only have a small amount of time with each other so we wear our hearts on our sleeves and lay all to bare so you really get to connect and meet the REAL person knowing they will be the same next year

6. What do you most dread about Toko?

Thursdays…. The one day I actually stare at the sky and pray to god (literally) that he holds the rain off till Monday. Oh and everything’s in pieces, people will be getting here and its a mad rush.

7. How did you get into Anime/Manga?

Dragonball Z and Pokemon! I thought that’s how EVERYONE got into anime?

Now for some questions to find out more about you


8. Tell us a bit about your childhood.

In south MK I was born and raised. In my room gaming, is where I spent most of my days… I could go on…. I won’t

9. What do you do in your spare time to unwind?

Play 40k, Play Wildstar, Play League of legends, waste time… and it depends if Martins back depends if were drinking or not.

10. Describe your dream vacation.

Away from all of you weebs!! kidding, but definitely somewhere like Switzerland on the mountains. Snowboard + Ipod = blissful

Ok, back on track…


11. What changes would you like to see at Toko?

More things,bigger budget to buy some more marquees and jazz. So it can always have something going on so you’re not always bored.

12. Last year we saw Toko move to a new site for the first time, how did you feel about this change?

Needs must, but ultimately Toko is evolving and adapting and this site is pure BEASTMODE!

13. Any juicy scoop you can share with us at Toko Retreat?

Martin is actually a gypsy traveller that lives on the Toko site, thats why hes always there.

14. Any closing thought?

er… Banana Hammock



Thank you for taking the time to complete this interview, and for all the effort you have put into Toko over the years.