Tokonatsu 2023 News

New Tokonatsu Site online

Excuse our lateness to this party on this but for those that do not know the new Tokonatsu website is now live!

There are big announcements regarding the registrations and payments that are very cool and planed changes to the way Toko’s kitchen is run moving forward

For a quick run down

The dates for registrations is due to open on the 05/02/16! so remember to keep the date to hand and get ready to register. as well as paying the same way as you have every year they are also adding the option to pay over time so for example you could have a little coming out every month to spared the cost. I think this is a very good idea and will help many out who find it hard to pay.

There is also news as to how the kitchen is going to be run. The demanded for all the food requirements is a very big problem for Tokonatsu and these every year takes away a high amount of money to meet these requirements. Currently there are two options that are being worked on

For a full rundown here’s Colin with all the new with the first video news from Tokonatsu 🙂