Tokonatsu 2023 News

Toko R’s Tokonatsu Cinema 2016

Hi guys Mike here to update you on this year’s TokoR Cinema! thanks to the guys over at MVM

Unfortunately due to family illness/emergency TokoR would have liked to have done more this year and been a bigger part in Toko 2016 but sadly our minds where elsewhere.. we are still looking at things to do if we can get them arranged in time..


Ok on to the Amine showing for Toko 2016


8:00 Slayers revolution ep1

Shop break

8:30 Slayers revolution ep2

Shop break

9:00 hack Quantum episode 1 and 2


8:00 No Game No Life episode 1

Shop break

8:30 No Game No Life episode 2

Shop break

9:00 3 Fate _ stay night_ UBW episode 1 and 2 “2 If time”


8:00 NYANKOI eposode 1

Shop break

8:00 NYANKOI episode 2

Shop break

9:00 Sasami-san episode 1 and 2


So make sure you head down to the Toko R Cinema over the weekend