Tokonatsu 2023 News

Update incoming!

Hi Guys Mike “M pro” here

Just a update of where we are at the moment, this Years Anime cinema is a Goooooo! thanks again to the amazing guys at MVM who have sent me plenty to work with for this years Toko.

Picture 3

Site updates… so as you know we have had problems with the site going down sometimes and I’m looking at re-platforming the site to another less systems heavy OS.

I’m also looking at changing the site layout to update it a little as its been on this layout for around 4 years so time for an update me thinks.

News for Toko 2017? we have loads but its how best to let you know 😉 but how about just a little snippet?… Manga corner anyone?

More when I’m not trying to get a test Web system online.. amazing how many test servers I have and not one will work 😮

More soon!