Tokonatsu 2023 News

Zombie Nation

For weeks, we have been hinting at something coming from the dark…

Of a madness spreading throughout Tokonatsu and Toko-Retreat…

Of something evil in the winds…

Our posts may have left some of you confused, maybe even a little scared.

“What could they be talking about?”
“Should I be worried?”

Today, we are here to bring you answers, but the answers cannot bring you hope I’m afraid…for in your future, there is little hope to be had!

Without further ado, the time has come…Tokonatsu Events team and Toko-Retreat are bringing you two new events this year!

28-Minutes Later
It starts off as what would appear to be an ordinary water fight. You all have guns, great, good stuff! You’ve got your coloured shirts, standard, everything is looking like it’s going to shape up to be a good game.

But wait, what’s this? Someone isn’t wearing a coloured shirt, but they ARE armed. And you’re not allowed to fire your gun AT ALL?

Then it begins, the panic, the fear, it all sets in as the colourless infected begins running at you! What do you do? RUN! It’s the only thing you can do! RUN FASTER!

And then a cold sensation runs through you, and you realise you weren’t fast enough. The infection begins to take over, and you lose your mind. You too are now infected. A mad rush takes over you, and you too start madly chasing down those remaining, screams and water filling the air…

Meanwhile in a parallel but equally doomed world…

The hour is late, and you all huddle together for warmth…the night air chilling you to the bone. You were told to meet here, but what for? You heard the screams from last night, everyone did…but you were told here would be safe.

You wear the wrist tags that mark you as uninfected, a request of those that arranged this strange twilight meeting, and you wonder if they plan to save you from this crazy existence.

Then you hear it…at first, just the shuffling of feat, but then the moans of a hungry hoard, “Gggrrrrr…burgers…grrrr….”

Burgers? What? And then there they are! Panic fills you, and those around you, the Zonbi have arrived!

You all split into different directions, the Zonbi are slow, you can out run them surely! But the exits have been sealed, and you can’t leave the area…and their number keeps rising! There are fewer and fewer tagged humans left as you start to lose all hope and fall to your knees.

It happens more peacefully than you imagined…the pain is somehow distance…and then the cravings start…


Hahaha! Yes, we’re still being somewhat vague, but hopefully that gives you a better idea of the two new Zombie themed games that are coming this year! One featuring fast, armed super deadly zombies, and the other the mindless hoards of the undead coming for your tasty burger shaped head!

If you want to know more, you’ll need to come to Toko, and get stuck in…or will it be the other way around?


~ Rezal