Princess Tutu

Thanks to Sally Harrison for another amazing Review!

Once upon a time, there was a duck who fell in love with a handsome Prince. Her sole desire was to get the chance to dance with him. One day the Prince’s heart was shattered and the pieces were scattered across the land, leaving him in an emotionless state. The little duck eager to help him retrieve his heart makes a deal with a mysterious story teller named Drosselmeyer who gives her a magical pendant that would transform her into a human girl to aid her in her quest. However, if the little duck were to confess her feelings of love to the Prince, she would turn into a speck of light and vanish from the world. However, her quest becomes all the more perilous when another girl, Princess Kraehe, Daughter of the Raven King stands between Princess Tutu and the remaining heart fragments.

Episodes: 26

Genre: Fantasy/Magical Girl/Ballet

Personal Notes: A rather unique series with wonderful visuals, pretty animation, choreography and a glorious selection of classical music from famous ballets (including Swan Lake of course). Lots of inspiration taken from German folktales and Hans Christian Andersen’s stories as is the tradition of ballet and quite possibly the most peaceful opening theme song by Ritsuko Okazaki (you might recall her unique singing style from the opening to Fruits Basket) that really sets the calm tranquil tone of the show. A surprising treat for any anime fan looking for something different.