Tokonatsu 2023 News

Anime is comming back to Tokonatsu!

TokoR are pleased to announce that with the help of MVM Entertainment we are being Anime back to Tokonatsu!

For the last 2 years Anime has been missing from the line-up at Tokonatsu so for 2 nights this year TokoR with Tokonatsu and MVM Entertainment  will be bring you the following Anime.


Saturday 15th, for 2 hours, Starts at dusk

Accel World Episodes 1 & 2, Run time 48 minutes

5 minutes break

Fate Stay Night Episodes 1 & 2, Run time 46 minutes


Sunday 16th, for 3 hours, Starts at dusk

Samurai 7 Episodes 1 & 2, Run time 52 minutes

5 minutes break

Shakugan no Shana Episodes 1 & 2, Run time 50 minutes

5 minutes break

Broken Blade Episodes 1, Run time 52 minutes

So grab yourself some popcorn and snacks from the Toko Shop and get ready!

Mike ” M pro”