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The Sofa Deck

This weekend past, I was invited by a good friend of mine to come and check out his new product at the filming for its Kickstarter. So I headed down, and met with Lauri0s, a Twitch streamer and another good friend, and Faye, the Videographer used, as well as Kyle Fuller, the brain child behind Sofa Deck.

Render of the SofaDeck

So what is Sofa Deck? Well, Kyle recently moved to London, and found himself in an apartment where he could no longer fit a desk. For a Gamer, this is a tragedy, as we all know some of the best PC Gaming is done with a Keyboard and Mouse, right?

Well, he thought to himself, why not design his own lap-desk? So he did just that, with an aim to make it ergonomic, comfortable, and with the ability to bear its own weight, without putting strain on the user or their lap.

Used in Bed by Lauri0s
Used in Bed by Lauri0s

A few renders, some phone-calls and not a small amount of money later and the prototype of the Sofa Deck was born! Kyle has tested this out with a number of people to gauge feel and get their opinion on it, and has been met with fairly universal positive responses. We even found that one of his Wheelchair bound colleagues was able to use it happily, with the adjustable main deck clearing both arms of the chair, and the V-shaped pedestal sitting comfortably on the base of the chair between his legs. With a wireless mouse and keyboard he was able to zip around the office with the Sofa Deck.

Height can be adjusted with a pin on the stand.

So we set it up in a couple of locations in the studio, and Lauri0s found it a delight to use where ever she was, on the Sofa, on the bed, and even under the covers with the Deck sitting comfortably over her lap (Pedestal removed).

A number of key features that make this great, apart from being large enough to support a full keyboard, and mouse comfortably are:

Integrated USB Hub
Storage for cables
Module Support
Desk Organizer/Accessory Holder
Phone Stand
Removable Pedestal with adjustable height
Optional cushions for the underside of the Sofa Deck

This really does have a lot of scope, from using your PC in Bed/on the Sofa, to providing a few spare spaces at a LAN Party. So why not show your support by heading over to his Kickstart Page where he is trying to raise £75,000 to fund the production and distribution of this great product!

Kickstarter Page