Tokonatsu 2023 News

Only 11 Days Till Toko 2023!

Well we only have “looks” 11 days until Toko 2023!

Needless to say we have all been working away in the background to bring you the best Toko yet! 😀

And Thanks to our good friend’s at MVM Films we are once again able to bring you the Toko R 2023 cinema!

But what do we have for you this year?

On Saturday

19:00 1 hour of top Jpop songs
20:00 Flying Witch “Episodes 1 and 2”

20:49 Japanese advert brake
21:00 Witchblade “Episodes 1 and 2”

On Sunday
19:00 1 hour of top Jpop songs
20:00 Burst Angel “Episodes 1 and 2”

20:47 Japanese advert brake
21:00 Assassins Pride “Episodes 1 and 2”


Once again a massive thanks goes to MVM Films so please head over and get some anima goodness.

So get packing and we will see you at Toko 2023!