Tokonatsu 2023 News

Relive Tokonatsu 2022.

Well its once again that time where we relive the amazing event that was Tokonatsu 2022.

Below you will find numerous Videos that Toko R shot during Toko 22, and we would like to share them with you once again.

So sit back, relax and relive Tokonatsu 22. 


Tokonatsu 2022 Opening Ceremony 29/07/22

Tokonatsu 2022. Silent Disco. 29/07/22

Tokonatsu 2022 walk by touch light 29/07/22

Tokonatsu 2022 Cosplay Masquerade 30/7/22

Tokonatsu 2022 Zombiedoggu! 30/07/22

Tokonatsu 2022 closing ceremony 31/07/22