Azumanga Daioh

*Posted a Day early as we are going to london tomorrow for EXPO*

Well this week I thought we would lighten the mood form last week Anime
So this week we have Azumanga Daioh

It’s a bit mad and a bit random but if you haven’t seen it yet again get it on your list



Azumanga Daioh chronicles everyday life in an unnamed Japanese high school in Tokyo, following the trials and triumphs of six girls: reserved Sakaki’s obsession with cute animals, Chiyo’s struggle to fit in with girls five years older, Osaka’s spacey nature and skewed perspective on the world, Yomi’s aggravation at an annoying best friend, Tomo, whose energy is rivaled only by her lack of sense, and Kagura’s efforts in sports and school. The story covers three years of tests, culture festivals, and athletic events at school, after-school life at the nearby shopping district, at Chiyo’s large house, vacations spent at Chiyo’s summer home on the beach and at Magical Land, a theme park. It is generally realistic in tone, marked by occasional bursts of surrealism and absurdity, such as Osaka’s bizarre imaginings, Chiyo’s ponytails being “unscrewed”, and an episode featuring the characters’ New Year’s dreams.

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