Dr Stone Manga review

Well I’m currently encoding the Anime for this years Tokonatsu but in the “Looks” 2 hours I have before the encoding is done I thought I would try my first Manga Review… I know…

So for my first Manga Review I’m going to start with… Dr Stone.


The story is by Inagaki, Riichiro “Eyeshield 21”
With the Art done by the amazing Boichi. “Sun Ken Rock!”

The story starts like any other slice of life Manga with a school scene. The boy “Ooki, Taiju” is trying to get the girl “Ogawa, Yuzuriha” with the help of his scientific friend “Senkuu” when a world changing event happens.

This event petrifies the outside of all life on the plaint for over 3000 years!

All that Taiju can think of in his petrification is seeing Yuzuriha again and that he never got the chance to say what he really felt.

The years pass on and the world changes.. the building made by man fall and disappear, anything that would have shown our existence is now gone.

The world is once again anew, healed.

Though an odd turn of events Taiju finds that his petrification has started to crack.. the next thing he knows is that he is free, and in a world that has been completely change by time.

As luck would have it his friend Senkuu was also released some time before and he has been trying to free his fallen friends.

The story progresses and they find the formula to free us from the petrification

This has moved away from a slice of life Manga and has now moved into a fight for survival!

As they revive Shishiou, Tsukasa the strongest Boy that they know to help them.

But Shishiou has other plans and he starts to smash the older petrificatied humans.

He believes they have had there time, and the reborn world is for the young only.

This leaves us with 2 sides

The 1st side “Senkuu” Wants to bring back all the scientific knowledge that he holds in his brain to better the world.

The second side “Shishiou” is in favour of living in the new world and leaving the old as well as the old ways of science behind at all costs.


The Art

Boichi is a master and it shows in Dr Stone with every page being absurdly beautiful.

Every turn is a pleasure to read with the action and story perfectly depicted in the pages.

On every release I look forward to reading the beautiful work on these pages.

Boichi also likes to reuse character Art from time to time so if you have seen the manga Sun Ken Rock! you will start to recognise some familiar faces in a new light.

All in all an amazing Manga that if your not reading you need to pick it up and see how great it is.