Tokonatsu 2023 News

From the other side…

“No Johnny!

What are you doing!”

Then the pain hits you…

You start to lose consciousness as you realise that your childhood friend is now eating your brains!

Sometime later…


You start to get up…

“Grrrrrrr…” (what did I just say?) “Grrrrrrrrrr…”

(Why am I saying Grrrrr?) “Grrrrrrrrr”

(The last thing I remember… Johnny! He was eating my Brains…) “BRRRAAAIIIINNNNSSS…”

(Mmmmmm I’m hungry) “Grrrrrrr”

(I’m soooo… very… hungry!)“BRRRRAAAAIIIINNNNNSSSS!”

(hold up… am I hungry for brains? Am… I?)

You get up and look around… everything’s in a sunny haze; everything is so bright and colourful!

You try to think of the last time you have seen something so amazing. But it’s hard to think for some reason… And you keep thinking that you’re so very hungry…

(Right what is next?) you try to move but your movement is… odd.

(Why is my right leg dragging? This is a little inconvenient and my head feels odd too…)

You see something moving ahead, what’s odd is it looks like a walking burger! Moreover, it is the only thing you can see that is in focus… it’s even glowing like a beacon in the sunny haze!

You move closer, but your movements are slow… you are aware that you are making odd sounds… “Grrrrrrrr”

However, the Burger seems to be going in the opposite direction from you… (I am never going to catch up with that at this rate 🙁 )

You keep moving but the light gets dimmer and dimmer… but you keep going…

Night falls and everything you see is glowing blue with amazing lights flying around like fireflys… the hunger is too much now… but the thought of that walking burger keeps you going…

You can see a glow in the distance but it’s getting brighter little by little.

You can tell that it’s stopped moving but your movement is so bad you think you’re never get there.

Hours pass and you’re close… you try to walk quietly… trying to stop your leg from making too much noise… you can see the odd looking burger as you approach…

Is it resting?

You can smell the burger now and you start to feel overwhelmed with hunger. Your body starts to move on its own getting closer and closer… the light… it’s amazing!

You’re now standing over the odd looking glowing walking burger, looking down at your feast!

It looks amazing; it is the most juiciest burger you have ever seen… and it’s big!

You move down slowly and place your hands on your feast… it almost sounds like its saying, “HELP… meeeeeee! Eat MEEEEeee!!!” (Well who am I to say no!)

You open your mouth and take the first bite… it’s a little crunchy for a burger but it is amazing!

You keep eating and cannot stop… the sauce is just too good!

You eat everything… you didn’t think you could, did you… whats odd is after you finished, the world looks even more amazing! The grass is an astonishing green and everything seems to have their own wonderful sounds… you’re happy… you could stay like this forever.

(Oww, what’s that? Dam I’m hungry again!) You get up and head towards the next light you can see…