My name Is Shingo… What am I reading!?

Well once again, I have delved into the heart of. What the heck is this?

Today we have: My name Is Shingo…  “Watashi wa Shingo”

The story is about an assembly line robot that acquires consciousness… and then goes on a journey of discovery looking for its parents… I kid you not… from the same writers as the amazingly bad/good Fourteen. Umezu Kazuo. “Reviewed here

The story starts off as a love story around two children Marine “Girl” and Satoru “Boy” that meet on the off chance one day and then form a deep connection with each other.

Satoru’s father works on an assembly line constructing small motors.

But as all things in life move on, and with modern advances in technology, assembly line workers are replaced with robots that can work 24/7. But as luck would have it or was it luck? Satoru’s father is placed in charge of looking after the robots… but… he knows nothing about them at all and he is worried that he is going to lose his job.

But Satoru starts to help his dad by programming the robot in his spare time with Marine and then things start to go very wrong… and in Umezu Kazuo way completely random! And creepy in some parts “Robin”

This then escalates into a story of Shingo “The robot” trying to find the two parents he never got the chance to meet before he gained consciousness to deliver an important message that warms his heart.

If you are a manga Fan in any way please take some time to read some of Umezu Kazuo work as you’re in for something special… in a bad way… or is that fair? When I read his work I find myself thinking what the heck? But I continue to the end… so he is a master at work? Making it so bad that you have to read it to find out what the next random thing to happen will be? or is it so bad that you love it?

Whatever magic he is doing its working and I find myself reading his work till the end.

So let’s have a rundown on Umezu Kazuo checklist.

Over the top characters?  Check

Storyline that’s ridiculous? Check

Love? Check

And randomness? Check! Check! Check! Check!

Amazing! or is that Amazingly bad? have a look for yourself 🙂

M pro