Tokonatsu 2023 News

Toko Retreat 2020 Virtual Cinema!

These is where we try and introduce you to some new Anime that you may have missed or something you may have watched but forgotten about.

This time around we are doing things a little differently.
At relevant times we will announce what anime you should be watching.
You can also use this channel to talk about what you’re watching with others that are also watching the same anime at the same time.

Today for your viewing pleasure we will be watching the following.

Anime Watch party chat channel:

Black Clover: “Episode 1 at 12:30, Episode 2 at 13:15”
Tower of god: “Episode 1 at 14:00, Episode 2 at 14:45”
My hero academia: “Episode 1 at 15:30, Episode 2 at 16:15”
Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba: “Episode 1 at 17:00, Episode 2 at 17:45”
Dr stone: “Episode 1 at 18:30, Episode 2 at 19:15”
One punch man “Episode 1 at 20:00, Episode 2 at 20:45”
So, take a seat, get the popcorn ready, and enjoy!

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