Tokonatsu 2023 News

Tokonatsu 2021!

Hi everyone!

*Everyone “Hey Toko R you still alive? thought that you where dead!… aren’t you dead? O_o”

*Toko R “Well… we are not dead… but I think its been a hard time on everyone… finding the motivation to do things for Toko R has been hard with nothing really happening.”

*Everyone “So why are you here now? is Tokonatsu even happening?”

*Toko R “Well the slumbering lion that is Tokonatsu is awakening for something that has not happened since 2019…”

*Everyone “And?”

*Toko R “Tokonatsu 2021 is in 16 days!”

*Everyone “O_O”

*Toko R “I know!… Guys we better get started!”