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    Tokonatsu 2019 Gallery

    To all of my Tokonatsu brethren. The time has come for me to bestow the goodness of the Tokonatsu 2019 galleries to you all. There were many pictures taken… and there are some amazing ones in there this year so go check them out! And as a update for this year moving forward for every other year from now on we will be increasing the image quality of photos that you can download.   So, with no further delay… Here is the 2019 gallery. M pro

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    TokoRetreat Anime Cinema 2019

    So, its been all quiet on the TokoRetreat side lately…or has it? As usual at this time of year we have been busy in the background planning all our events for this years Tokonatsu 2019. And as I have finished ripping and cutting the videos for this year.. we are finally able to bring you some well needed news on what we are showing. But first… In the many years we have been running the anime cinema at Toko the great guys over at MVM have done us proud and supplied the anime every year for the cinema! This year is no different. So please head over to https://www.mvm-films.com/ and show your…

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    Toko ’18 T-Minus 1 Week – Essentials that you should bring to Tokonatsu

    We are in are last week till Tokonatsu, ONE WEEK!!! If you haven’t already purchased your ticket, there is still time! Head on over to the ticket page now! We brought you this list last year, and it’s just as important this year! It happens to the best of us, we think we have packed everything, and then you wake up in the morning, go to brush your teeth, and oop! No toothbrush! So we’re here today to provide a list of what we think are the essentials that every Con Goer should pack, to ensure they have the bare minimum to get by comfortably for the weekend, and a…

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    Toko ’18 T-Minus 2 Weeks – Toko-Retreat

    With 2 weeks leading up till Tokonatsu, the hype has begun to set in, and the excitement is building.  If you haven’t already purchased your ticket, there is still time! Head on over to the ticket page now! In the run up to Tokonatsu, we like to release some articles relating more to the festival itself, and what is on offer, and so this week is our annual “who we are” at Toko-Retreat post 😀 Toko-Retreat By now, I imagine a lot of you have a better idea of who we are, and what we offer, which is great! For some of you though, especially those that are new, there…

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    Hibanacon 2017 – First thoughts

    Hello all! It’s been a couple of weeks now since Hibanacon launched their first convention at the Jury’s Inn, Milton Keynes! We at Toko-Retreat were unfortunately not in full attendance, but we did pop down to say hi to friends outside, and were lucky enough to be invited to be shown around the venue, got to see the Games room, and hung out in the bar area with a lot of the attendees, which was a free access area outside of the convention. The Games Room is virtually fully kitted out by Captain Tyler, and his collection of retro to modern consoles. Needless to say though, there was plenty to…

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    Toko ’17 T-Minus 1 Weeks: Toko-Retreat!

    1 week left!!! That’s right, just one week till Tokonatsu!!! If you haven’t already purchased your ticket, there is still time! Head on over to the ticket page now! We are wrapping up our run up to Tokonatsu series with an article about ourselves, what we are, and what we are bringing to Tokonatsu this year. Toko-Retreat So, you’ve probably seen us around over the years, and wondered who we are. Some have asked if we’re committee, we’re not, though we are on staff this year. We have been mistaken for being an elite click of attendees that have super powers, and you can’t approach, this is also rubbish! (Though…

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    Breaking News!! New NERF War Event at Tokonatsu!

    That’s right people! This year, running as a joint effort between Toko-Retreat and the Tokonatsu Events team, and being led by new comer ED-SKaR, we will be introducing a series of NERF events! As it’s the first year, they will all be crammed into an hour, but we are looking at running about 3 – 4 team style matches (Deathmatch, Storm the Fort, etc) and then a Mafia/Avalon style game called Big Trouble in Little Toko-Town! We will be hosting this on Sunday at 7PM in the Events Field We will go over the rules more at the day, but here are the core rules that you should be aware…

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    Toko ’17 T-Minus 4 Weeks: Events at Tokonatsu

    Only 4 weeks till Tokonatsu!! That means only 4 weeks to either get a ticket or just 3 days to pre-order one of the fantastic T-Shirts / Hoodies that are available this year! (Note, all pre-orders need to be in by 10th July 2017) Most of you will already know all about Tokonatsu, and have been attending for years, and so you will also know all about how we have grown, and the new events that we have to offer. However, if you are new, if you are a friend of someone reading this, and thinking “What is Tokonatsu?” then we plan to help you out with posts covering the…