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    Will you survive?

    You look around…you start to think…where has everyone gone? How did I get here? Just moments ago you where confident that you could survive this…now you find yourself laying on the ground covered in mud, hoping that they cannot see you…but you can hear them… They start to get closer to you… You dare not move… Moreover, you cannot breathe for fear of them finding you…but they’re close now… so very… close. A foot lands right next to your head! Do not move! You keep telling yourself, just don’t move. After what seems like forever, the footsteps start to move away, further and further away. Finally there is silence, and…

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    Dr Stone Manga review

    Well I’m currently encoding the Anime for this years Tokonatsu but in the “Looks” 2 hours I have before the encoding is done I thought I would try my first Manga Review… I know… So for my first Manga Review I’m going to start with… Dr Stone.   The story is by Inagaki, Riichiro “Eyeshield 21” With the Art done by the amazing Boichi. “Sun Ken Rock!” The story starts like any other slice of life Manga with a school scene. The boy “Ooki, Taiju” is trying to get the girl “Ogawa, Yuzuriha” with the help of his scientific friend “Senkuu” when a world changing event happens. This event petrifies…

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    Whats coming?

    It’s you and your team in a fight of survival to the bitter end… You plan your strategy and you’re off! But things don’t always go to plan… you try to survive the ever increasing onslaught but more and more of your team have been turned and… now they’re coming for you! You see little Johnny that you went to school with… you call out! ….but its to late… You see he looks odd and he starts muttering the word BRRrraaaiiiinnnssss… Now he’s after you! You hold back the tears as you try to get away but you can’t stop thinking back to when you use to go out on…

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    2018! All new!

    So Toko 2018 draws closer and closer and I have decided that the site needed updating with a newer look. It IS a work in progress, so the logo may change from time to time 😉 As well as a new look the new site also has a nice feature that also brings up older articles that you may have missed over time. As we are now awake for the year.. expect more updates and news on what’s happening and what we will be doing this year. As well as what we will be showing in this years Toko R Cinema! Mike

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    Toko ’17 T-Minus 2 Weeks: Trad Gaming

    Only 2 weeks till Tokonatsu!! That means only 2 weeks to get a ticket! For those following us over the past weeks, you’ll know that we’ve been running a series of posts that go into some detail on what is offered at Tokonatsu for those new to the festival. Those that have just jumped on board, go take a look at our posts from the past weeks to see information on the Houses, Events, and Cosplay! Tokonatsu is the longest running outdoor anime festival in the UK. Running in our current format since 2005, we have been year on year adding to what we have to offer for our attendees,…

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    Tokonatsu 2017 House names!

    Ladies and gentleman… I have been given some important information regarding the house names for this years Tokonatsu. As some of you know from last years change to how houses teams are now organised that you will remain in the same houses that you have been in from the previous year. So if you where in Red house, Blue house, Green house, Orange house you will be in the house that has that colour this year also. So onto the houses… This year the house name are based after Japanese Clans of old from the Heian Period Before the current age of Warring States, another era of conflict ravaged the…

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    Toko R cinema 2017

    Hi Guys! Its Mike “M pro” Thanks to MVM once again we are able to bring Anime back to Toko 2017. Really without the help of MVM there would be no anime at Tokonatsu at all . They have supplied us with anime for the last 3 years! So head over to MVM’s site and have a look at what they have available. So without further ado… here is the Toko R cinema show teasers Time table Saturday Music intermission 8:00 pm Busuo Shinki 2 episodes Music intermission 9:00 pm Little Busters 2 episodes  Sunday Music intermission 8:00 pm Invaders of the Rokujyouma 2 episodes Music intermission 9:00 pm Serial Experiments…

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    Update incoming!

    Hi Guys Mike “M pro” here Just a update of where we are at the moment, this Years Anime cinema is a Goooooo! thanks again to the amazing guys at MVM who have sent me plenty to work with for this years Toko. Site updates… so as you know we have had problems with the site going down sometimes and I’m looking at re-platforming the site to another less systems heavy OS. I’m also looking at changing the site layout to update it a little as its been on this layout for around 4 years so time for an update me thinks. News for Toko 2017? we have loads but…

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    And we are back!

    Ok still unsure why the site went down.. And there was some odd things happening even on my backups but after most of the day looking at this we are back and I have update the backend software a little also. PS big things are happening at Toko and update are on the way…. as long as our dns and servers behave… 😮   Mike “M pro”