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    Dr Stone Manga review

    Well I’m currently encoding the Anime for this years Tokonatsu but in the “Looks” 2 hours I have before the encoding is done I thought I would try my first Manga Review… I know… So for my first Manga Review I’m going to start with… Dr Stone.   The story is by Inagaki, Riichiro “Eyeshield 21” With the Art done by the amazing Boichi. “Sun Ken Rock!” The story starts like any other slice of life Manga with a school scene. The boy “Ooki, Taiju” is trying to get the girl “Ogawa, Yuzuriha” with the help of his scientific friend “Senkuu” when a world changing event happens. This event petrifies…

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    Whats coming?

    It’s you and your team in a fight of survival to the bitter end… You plan your strategy and you’re off! But things don’t always go to plan… you try to survive the ever increasing onslaught but more and more of your team have been turned and… now they’re coming for you! You see little Johnny that you went to school with… you call out! ….but its to late… You see he looks odd and he starts muttering the word BRRrraaaiiiinnnssss… Now he’s after you! You hold back the tears as you try to get away but you can’t stop thinking back to when you use to go out on…

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    2018! All new!

    So Toko 2018 draws closer and closer and I have decided that the site needed updating with a newer look. It IS a work in progress, so the logo may change from time to time 😉 As well as a new look the new site also has a nice feature that also brings up older articles that you may have missed over time. As we are now awake for the year.. expect more updates and news on what’s happening and what we will be doing this year. As well as what we will be showing in this years Toko R Cinema! Mike