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    Toko R cinema 2017

    Hi Guys! Its Mike “M pro” Thanks to MVM once again we are able to bring Anime back to Toko 2017. Really without the help of MVM there would be no anime at Tokonatsu at all . They have supplied us with anime for the last 3 years! So head over to MVM’s site and have a look at what they have available. So without further ado… here is the Toko R cinema show teasers Time table Saturday Music intermission 8:00 pm Busuo Shinki 2 episodes Music intermission 9:00 pm Little Busters 2 episodes  Sunday Music intermission 8:00 pm Invaders of the Rokujyouma 2 episodes Music intermission 9:00 pm Serial Experiments…

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    It’s been awhile since I’ve sat down and watched a good mecha, so when Kuromukuro popped up on Netflix,  I thought why not? Produced by P.A. Works, the studio behind Another and Angel Beats! with Tensai Okamura, director Wolf’s Rain and Blue Exorcist, there is decent enough pedigree involved to inspire some hope going in. And the first episode start’s with such hope and promise, opening with mechs fighting in the snow in the Sengoku period, and dead samurai littering the ground. It makes you think, “What the crap is going on? I don’t care…this is cool!” The pacing takes a bit of a turn though as the title card…

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    Five Centimetres per Second

    Five Centimetres per Second is an anime written, produced and directed by Makoto Shinkai, which follows a few key characters through three short episodes on a journey through life. The total runtime of all three episodes is around an hour, though when I watched it, it felt longer. This isn’t a fault in the story telling, more that the scenes are not fast paced or hectic, but take their time to tell you what they need. The story spans from the start of the 1990’s till around 2008, which was present day at the time of release. Each episode is centred around Takaki Tōno, and the first of which starting…

  • Camping Survival Tips (some might be real...)

    Smore sir?

    It was some time age that my wife to be presented me with a picture, that at first glance, looked as though her church group were all sniffing cocaine of their hands. I responded with such reasoning of, “I know you don’t do drugs…but..what?” I wish I had this picture to hand, it was a funny picture, especially when explained that they were all eating Smores, and that they were just that messy, but that good. So, when it came to the first time that we hosted a 4th July at our house in the UK, she was super excited to show us limey buggers what exactly a Smore is,…

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    Toko-R 2017 Art/Writing Contest Judges

      Greetings all! We are currently planning the contests for this years Tokonatsu, and we’re looking for judges! As such, we thought it would be a nice idea to invite the winners of last years competitions to come forward to judge this year, if they are so interested. We don’t have contact details for you all, but we have Jinxy of Jinxy Dragon Cosplay confirmed as a Judge already, she was one of the top three entrants in last years art contest, and has since become a celebrity in her own right through her amazing cosplays! (Seriously, go check it out!) If the winners don’t step forward, we will be accepting…

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    Update incoming!

    Hi Guys Mike “M pro” here Just a update of where we are at the moment, this Years Anime cinema is a Goooooo! thanks again to the amazing guys at MVM who have sent me plenty to work with for this years Toko. Site updates… so as you know we have had problems with the site going down sometimes and I’m looking at re-platforming the site to another less systems heavy OS. I’m also looking at changing the site layout to update it a little as its been on this layout for around 4 years so time for an update me thinks. News for Toko 2017? we have loads but…

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    And we are back!

    Ok still unsure why the site went down.. And there was some odd things happening even on my backups but after most of the day looking at this we are back and I have update the backend software a little also. PS big things are happening at Toko and update are on the way…. as long as our dns and servers behave… 😮   Mike “M pro”

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    Happy new year from TokoR

    Hi guys Mike here “M pro” Just popping on to say happy new year to everyone. 2016 has been pretty much the worst year ever for my family and many of you too so please join me in kicking 2016 out the door and letting 2017 in And I know I have been a little slack on updates but again very bad year. :/ Where ever you are be safe and have a good night guys. News updates coming soon on Toko 2017 Ps Also thinking of updated the layout a bit too 😮

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    Toko-Retreat Competition Winners

    So, Tokonatsu for another year is over, it is likely we are all done with our travel, and are now settling into normal life (or as close to) once again. Though we had fewer attendees this year due to aliens abducting over 100 of them, I think I can speak for most of us when I say this was one of the best Toko’s yet. For us at Toko-Retreat, this was largely due to the amazing response we had to the events we hosted. A big thank you to Myst and the Committee for the massive amounts of support given to us, and for asking us to be a bigger…

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    Toko 20016 ends

    Well we are now all back home and for most of you also back at work and Toko 2016 went to fast and Toko 2017 seems so fare away! Well what an amazing Toko! the events grounds looked amazing and this year there where no broken bones to be seen 😉 As for Toko R the events we ran went very well and the turn out was amazing so thank you to everyone that participated in the Toko R events this year. As for the event winners Rezal will be in touch with the winners shortly to give them there prizes for the Speed Drawing Competition and the Speed Fiction…